Public & National Holidays in Ireland

Ireland, officially named as Republic of Ireland, is a small yet progressive country. The third-largest island in Europe and the 20th biggest on earth, it is located in the north-west continental Europe. Ireland is politically divided in two different parts. Republic of Ireland covers most area of the island. On the other hand, Northern Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom (UK). The total population of Ireland is about 6.4 million.

Despite being one of the smallest countries, Ireland is progressive and well developed. As far as the cultural traditions are concerned, the Irish nation is pretty similar to England. All the religious and national occasions are observed keenly in the country. Just like other European countries, businesses and other institutions stay closed on public holidays. The transport, however, still operates, but usually with reduced schedules. Ireland has a long history of bank holidays.

The first bank holiday in Ireland was established by the United Kingdom Bank Holidays Act 1871. Initially, the law designed only four bank holidays: Easter Monday, Whit Monday, St. Stephen’s Day and the first Monday in August. Christmas and Good Friday were already official holidays; therefore, the government didn’t include them in the list.

With time, the Irishmen made many laws, declaring different public holidays. In 1903, the Bank Holiday Act was introduced by MP James O’Mara. Another holiday act was made in 1939, followed by the 1973 act. The latest act regarding holidays in Ireland was passed in 1997.


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    Holidays in January

    New Year's Day

    On the very first day of New Year, the Irish nation does not work, and celebrate. Although the New Year’s Eve is not an official day off, majority does not work on that day too.

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    Holidays in March

    Saint Patrick’s Day

    It is a national day in Ireland. It first became a public holiday back in 1903.

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    Moveable Holidays

    Easter Monday

    Also known as Luan Cásca in Ireland, it is celebrated on the next day of Easter. It is also celebrated in commemoration of the Easter Rising.

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    Holidays in May

    The Irishmen enjoy a public holiday on the very first Monday of May. It was firstly observed in 1994.

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    Holidays in June

    June Holiday

    The first Monday of June was previously observed as Whit Monday. But since 1973, it is known as June holiday.

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    Holidays in August

    The first Monday in August is another public holiday in Ireland. Its Irish name is Lá Saoire i mí Lúnasa.

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    Holidays in October

    October holiday is observed on the last Monday in October. The nation started observing this in 1977.

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    Holidays in December

    Christmas Day

    It is celebrated on December 25th

    St. Stephen's Day

    The Boxing Day is known as St. Stephen's Day in Ireland.

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