Things to do on Holidays in Aberdeen England

Aberdeen is a major city of Scotland and third most populous city, and is also known as the Granite City, the Grey City and the Silver City with the Golden Sands. Thousands of visitors travel their each year and if you are on a tour to this amazing city, you should not forget to do following things.


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    Bennachie Hill Walks

    The best way to spend your time in Aberdeen would be to hike through this scenic landscape surrounding the city. You can find a series of hiking trails at Bennachie Hill Walks and it is a must do thing in Aberdeen.

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    Balmedie Beach

    If you are looking for some relaxed time in Scotland, head straight to Balmedie Beach located in the north of the city. The best time to pay a visit would be around 9 AM.

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    Aberdeen Maritime Museum

    The fact that Aberdeen had so many sea-based industries in the past makes this city a famous attraction for tourists. Aberdeen Maritime Museum is the best place to learn about the historic development of the city.

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    Footdee (Fittie)

    This is the old neighbourhood of the city. If you want to know what Aberdeen used to look like few decades ago, Footdee is the place to go to.

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    Aberdeen Art Gallery

    Whether you are a fan of art or not, you should not miss a trip to Aberdeen Art Gallery. You can view a number of fine collections of modern and pre-Raphaelite art there.

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    Johnstone Gardens

    Johnstone Gardens is the best place in Aberdeen when it comes to the preservation of natural beauty. If you are looking to spend a quiet evening with your family in the city, this is the place for you.

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    Linn O' Dee

    Arguably the most amazing waterfall in Aberdeen. Linn O’ Dee attracts hundreds of tourists each day and you can easily travel through a coach in order to reach there. It would be better to reach there before lunch to explore the most of it.

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    Royal Aberdeen Golf Club

    The best Gold Club in Aberdeen. If you are in the city on a business tour and are looking for quiet and nice place to spend a day with your colleagues, Royal Aberdeen Golf Club is the place to go to.

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    His Majesty's Theatre (HMT)

    HMT or His Majesty’s Theatre is one of the most visited places in Aberdeen and no matter how short time you have, you should not miss a visit to this amazing theatre.

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    The Gordon Highlanders Museum

    Scotland have fought several wars in the history and the Gordon Highlanders Museum is the best place to go to if you want to learn about the glorious history of Scotland.

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