Top 10 Best Hong Kong Tourist Attractions

Hong Kong, which is a Special Administrative Region of People’s Republic of China, is a very famous tourist location. It is known all over the world for a number of tourist attractions such as Happy Valley Racecourse, LegCo Building and 10,000 Buddhas Temple.

Almost all the tourist attractions in Hong Kong have a unique specialty. Furthermore, a few of the tourist attractions in Hong Kong are as old as the Portuguese regime over Hong Kong which makes Hong Kong an ideal place for people interested in local history.


  • 1

    The skyscraper skyline

    One of the most amazing facts about Hong Kong is that it houses the most skyscrapers than any other city in the world. Furthermore, most of these skyscrapers are concentrated on Hong Kong Island’s north shore, thus forming the Skyscraper Skyline. It is a wonderful sight to take dozens of beautiful photographs and enjoy your evenings.

  • 2

    Dai Pai dongs

    For people who love Chinese food, this is one of the best tourist attractions. Delicious noodles and a number of rice related dishes can be enjoyed at Dai Pai Dongs - the street side food stalls in Hong Kong.

  • 3

    Happy valley racecourse

    Happy Valley Racecourse, next to a wall of skyscrapers, is situated in the heart of Hong Kong. Crowds of thousands gather at this magnificent racecourse for every horse race. For people who love horse racing, this is an ideal spot in Hong Kong.

  • 4

    Ocean park

    The Ocean Park was built forty years ago and ever since has been one of the most famous of all tourist attractions in Hong Kong. Pandas, Incredible Jellyfish and a number of other animals provide all the attractions that one can dream of while visiting a wildlife park.

  • 5

    LegCo building

    Built on a Grand British colonial style, the LegCo building in Hong Kong served as a government building until it was converted to the Court of Final Appeal recently. Gilded verandas and granite columns of the LegCo building are a treat to watch.

  • 6

    Ngong ping cable car

    Ngong Ping Cable Car is one of the most enchanting tourist attractions in Hong Kong. The cable car runs from the town of Tung Chung to the themed village of Ngong Ping. The view of the South China Sea from the cable car is simply mesmerising.

  • 7

    10,000 Budhas temple

    Although there are a number of temples spread throughout Hong Kong, the 10,000 Buddhas temple is one of a kind. It is home to 12,000 Buddha statues which makes the temple one of the best tourist attractions in Hong Kong.

  • 8

    Ping Shan heritage trail

    For tourists in search of local history, the Ping Shan Heritage Trail is the best place in Hong Kong. Settlements made by the original clans still exist in this beautiful tourist attraction. Furthermore, the Ping Shan Heritage Trail is rich with traditional Chinese architecture, temples and pagodas.

  • 9

    Mongkok markets

    Mongkok Markets is probably the best place in Hong Kong for bargain hunters. Ladies Market, Goldfish Market and Bird Market are all part of the Mongkok Markets which means one can easily find a wide variety of items.

  • 10


    Macau is a place just outside Hong Kong. It is rich for its Portuguese heritage and spinning roulette wheels.

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