How to Find Hotels in Armenia

Visiting Armenia can be fun and a great experience, but if you cannot find a good hotel to stay in, your entire trip can get real annoying. Armenia features a range of hotels from cheap, no-frills facilities to large and luxury hotels, so you have to be careful when choosing your accommodation.

Armenia has several skyscraper hotel districts dedicated to serving tourists from across the world. Since tourism is one of the main sources of government revenues here, hotelling industry has been flourishing and the intense competition has forced many hotels to lower their charges, yet provide several amenities that can be enjoyed at higher rates in the developed countries of Europe.


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    Determine your budget

    If you are visiting Armenia on a business tour then you definitely need a hotel that can provide you with basic facilities and some amenities. But in order to find a hotel of your choice in Armenia, you have to decide how much money you are willing to spend on accommodation. Accommodation in Armenia can range from cheap to highly expensive.

    If you are going there to meet a friend or for trade, spending too much on hotelling is not advised; you can stay in a no-frills accommodation without hurting your entire budget.

    Be sure to keep a credit card if you plan to stay in big hotels, as carrying a lot of cash can make you vulnerable to a loss or any unforeseen trouble in the new place.

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    Decide what amenities you want in hotels

    Hotels are typically compared by the amenities they offer and find one that fits your budget is the deal you can have in Armenia. There are several hotels in hotels that cater to tourists on a tight budget. Amenities in cheaper hotels are usually simple, and include a ceiling fan, a bathroom and a clean bed.

    If you are not a tight budget are ready to spend some money, you have a long list of luxury hotels at your disposal. Cheaper hotels provide the facility of phone, internet (usually for certain packages) and meals.

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    Visit official tourism site of Armenia

    Visit the official website devoted to tourism in Armenia. If you are finding it hard to select hotels of your choice, is the best platform for you to have a look at tourism spots in different cities and a list of hotels. You can talk to website officials via email if you think you are having trouble finding accommodation.

    There are several state-run accommodation facilities in different cities of Armenia, but if you are looking for privately-run hotels, the website can provide you with a list, mentioning their location, charges and amenities.

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