How to Find Starfish at the Beach

Many people have watched starfish in books and want to see it in real. There are many places where you can find them but get a great experience, visit the seaside. You can find starfish in rocky areas at the beach as they tend to cling onto the small rocks beneath the sea level.

You must be careful in searching for these creatures as they are small in size but there colour is extremely bright and unique. When you successfully find them, gently touch on the feet of the starfish so that they move around in the water.


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    Find the right place

    In order to find a starfish at the beach, you need to find the perfect place where you know you would find them. They can mostly be found in rocky areas of the beach. These creatures cling onto rocks that are under water and stay there which is why it is the best place you may find them.

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    Look for low tides

    The next thing you need to do is to wait for low tides. When any low tide settles, many of the rocks from beneath the sea are revealed. This may provide you with a better chance of finding a starfish. It is best to look for a starfish after a low tide as you will be able to find their habitats.

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    Monitor closely and look for brighter colours

    You must be careful and must monitor the situation closely. Make sure you check beneath rocks and look for bright colours in the sea. Starfish are relatively easy to find as they are unique in colour. They are usually in yellow, red, purple and orange. You can find more starfish of you find one as they usually stay close to each other.

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    Touch starfish to be sure

    Once you find a starfish, touch it gently to see where it moves. They would usually move around the same place which is a great sight. Do not push the starfish too hard as that may injure it.

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