Top 10 Beautiful Beaches of Asia

Beaches always have some special attraction for tourists as they like to spend some time close to nature and away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Mostly, it is believed that the West has the best beaches but it is not completely true as nature has been equally kind to the East.

Especially when we talk about Asia, this part of world is full of beautiful beaches created by “God’s own hands” as some say. If you do not agree then you must review this list of top ten beautiful beaches of Asia.


  • 1

    Saud Beach:

    This beach is in northern areas of Philippines and this 2km long beach is famous for its natural coastline on the South China Sea. Its untouched beauty makes it one of the most beautiful beaches of Asia.

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  • 2

    Ko Adang Beach:

    Thailand has countless beaches but one that stands out is Ko Adang beach. This jungle beach is famous for its beautiful arc and this helps this off the radar beach to get a place in our list of most beautiful beaches.

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  • 3

    Bentota Beach:

    If you travel 60km south of Colombo, Sri Lanka, you will reach a place where tranquillity prevails everywhere. Visit the Bentota beach and you will agree that it’s also one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia.

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  • 4

    Yalong Bay:

    This 7km Bay strip is in Hainan, China and its white beaches are incomparable. The additional benefit is that this Yalong bay strip is fully developed and you will find many five star resorts here. Gear up to visit one of the most beautiful beaches of Asia in the Summer.

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  • 5

    China Beach:

    When it comes to the exotic coastlines, one cannot ignore Vietnam as it has a 30km extraordinary beach which is full of luxurious resorts, hotels and restaurants. The huge number of visitors proves that China Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Asia.

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  • 6


    Hardly one can miss the full moon nights of Calangute’s palm-fringed shoreline in India. This simple but elegant Goa beach has gained a respectable status in the list of most beaches of Asia.

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  • 7

    Dungun Beach:

    Malaysia is truly Asia. Its east coast possesses the Dungun beach which has not been spoiled yet by man. One can still feel divine inspiration by spending couple of hours here.

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  • 8

    Occheuteal Beach:

    Even if you cannot have access to Sokha beach in Cambodia, you should not lose heart as Occheuteal beach is another option where you can spend some quality time. This less-explored beach is undoubtedly one of the finest beaches of Asia.

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  • 9

    Mae Nam Beach:

    If you are looking for a beach which is less crowded but still enjoyable then Mae Nam beach of Thailand is waiting for you. Moreover, you can find a pack of beautiful beaches around this place.

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  • 10

    Kenting Beach:

    Last but not the least; you must visit Taiwan’s Kenting Beach which is one of the most complete tourist spot in Asia.

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