How to Catch a Fish on the Beach

Fishing is one of the primary occupations of human civilization, on the same level as farming. Fish are great source of proteins and the meat is delicious, cooked in any form. Today, many people rely on subsistence fishing as a source of food for the family while others engage in the activity as a recreation. Fishing on the beach can be a memorable experience with great rewards to take home if you follow the correct rules of the game. For a true fisherman, there is no greater feeling than having a meal of his own catch.  Fishing on the beach takes more than just a rod and  a bait. Our step by step guide has all the information you need to get the trophy of the largest and heaviest catch of the day.


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    Get a rod and bait:

    These are the two tools you need to attract and catch your fish apart from the mastery of your hands and the intellect of your mind. Get a good quality fishing rod which feels comfortable in your hands.

    Some common baits are worms, crabs, mussels and clams. However, it is best to take advise from local fisherman about the type of bait that is most effective in your area. You can breed your bait, dig them near the beach or buy them from a bait store. The last one is an easier option and the bait store owner can give you valuable information about fishing in that locality. Get ample amount of fish bait with you before setting off.

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    Set out on time:

    The ideal time for any type of fishing are the two last hours of the incoming tide. There are higher chances of catching a fish at this time. The local newspapers are going to help your determine the incoming tide time. A friendly chat with other fishermen is going to work too. Do not attempt to fish when the waves are receding because there wont be much fish in there at that time.

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    Choose  a location:

    On the beach, choose a location where you will have firm standing and can extend your rod into the water to a depth of 2 to 3 feet. Put the bait on your rod and extend the rod into the white water of the breaking wave.  Keep waiting until your rod gives out a heavy tug and you are ready to pull out the first catch of the day.

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