How to Paint Tropical Beaches

Tropical beaches are simply breathtaking. Its nature doing magic and leaving us enchanted. As an artist you would want to capture that scene and it’s not that hard. Do not get intimidated at all and get to work with a few supplies. Picture in your mind the sun shining, water sparkling and the trees swaying. It will be helpful if you keep the picture of the scene in front of you. Bring up your creativity, follow these steps and you will end up with a great piece of art worth praising.

Things Required:

– Canvas
– Various sized paint brushes
– Toothpicks
– Oil Paint or watercolors
– Pencils
– Beach photographs


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    Start with drawing a rough sketch on your canvas. It’s not necessary that it should be perfect; draw some simple lines to decide the water, sky trees etc. it can be a simple straight line. Determine where to place the land, trees and boats; mark this with a pencil. Start from the top, paint the clouds and sky first. White paint should be used first. Then paint the blue color, blending it as you go down. It will give a natural affect of a darker sky at the top and will get lighter as it gets near the ocean. Also cover the pencil marks as they were only for indications. Make sure the painted sky is dry before the clouds are painted. Paint the clouds with circular strokes. Cover with a second coat.

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    Now it’s time to paint the sand. Use yellow or tan colored paint to show the beach sand. The technique used here is to flick. A toothpick or a hard paint brush should be used to create pebbles or small rocks. The color of the sand is deeper in the area where the ocean is painted.  It will make the beach appear natural.

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    The ocean will be created with dark blue color. Make strokes horizontally. Start with an even hand and they should get a little uneven as you move forward. Experiment with different tones of green and blue as you get down. The white color should be added in the ocean to give appearance of waves caps. End with the final touches; it could include shells and birds. With the help of a tiny paint brush make m-shapes signifying birds. Shells could be made with pink and white paint.
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