How to Plan a Beach Trip with Friends

Going on holidays with friends is a great way of relaxing your mind and spending a good time, while getting away from busy daily routine. If you go on a trip to a beach and want it to be remembered forever, then you need to plan it well.

Planning the trip includes how you will get there and what will you need to enjoy spending time with your friends.  For instance, you go on a trip to beach and after you reach there, you suddenly recognise that you forgot to bring your camera with you. That is the time when you morale with automatically go down, as you will not have any way to save the special moments.


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    First of all, you will need to collect your friends who want to go on a trip with you. Make sure you try to ask the friends who really love to go to the beach. The more friends you collect, the more you will enjoy on the beach.

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    You should carefully plan your time of leaving for the beach. On a summer day, leaving early in the morning will be a good option, as the heavy traffic can waste a lot of your time if you travel late in the day.

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    Do not forget to take plenty of nutritious snacks and drinks with you, as the heat of the sun and sand can make you eat and drink more than your normal routine.

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    Make sure you take your camera with you, in order to capture the special moments with your friends. Yet, you should also try to bring your tote camera, instead of your best one, as the sand can ruin your camera gear. You can also take compressed air in a small cylinder with you, which can help you cleaning the camera and its lens.

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    Right after you get to your spot, try to set up the shade as soon as possible. You should make sure that everybody has applied sun block, as no one would like to have sunburns after the trip.

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    You can spend some time playing different games. You can take football, volleyball or frisbee with you, which is a good way to enjoy on the beach.

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    You should also maintain a decent gap between swimming and eating/drinking, in order to avoid cramps. Indulge yourself in different activities with your friends to make it a perfect trip.

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