Public & National Holidays in Canada

Canada is situated in North America and has the distinction of being the world’ second largest country by area. Due to the expanse of area, Canada is divided into ten provinces and three territories. Public holidays in Canada are known as statutory holidays and are called ‘stats’ for short. These stats are observed on the national, provincial and territorial level. Their observance varies between territories and provinces. A rich and long history gives Canada a lot to celebrate and remember, thus resulting in many stats around the year. It is a multi-ethnic country, with a great rate of immigration, so there are many ethnic and religious holidays too. However, on the national level, there are nine standard holidays which are observed in all provinces and territories. Individual provinces can give off additional holidays according to their local situation. Lets have a look at the national holidays of this country.


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    Holidays in January:

    New Year's Day:

    New year's day is celebrated on the first of January each year, like the rest of the world. New year in Canada is celebrated according to the Gregorian calender. The day is given off throughout the country so that people can celebrate in full spirit.

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    Holidays in April:

    Good Friday:

    Good Friday is a national holiday in the country. However, the dates of its observance vary each year. Good Friday normally falls between the March-April months.

    Easter Monday:

    Easter Monday is also given off to in the country. However, while schools and government offices are closed, private organizations and banks may choose to remain open.

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    Holidays in May:

    Victoria Day:

    The day marks the birthday of the reigning Canadian Monarch. However, it has been fixed on Queen Victoria. It is celebrated on the Monday that falls before May 25.

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    Holidays in July:

    Canada Day:

    As evident from the name, Canada day celebrates the establishment of Canadian confederation and dominion status. It is celebrated on July 1.

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    Holidays in September:

    Labor day:

    The first Monday of September is celebrated and given a holiday in lieu of the world Labor day. It recognizes and applauds the efforts and hard work of the laborers of the country.

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    Holidays in November:

    Remembrance day:

    This holiday falls on the eleventh of November in honor of the war dead of the country.

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    Holidays in December:


    Canada is a christian majority country.The birth of Jesus is celebrated with great fervor on December 25th and the day is a national holiday.

    Boxing day:

    The boxing day is celebrated on December 26. There are mixed views about the origins of the day. However, it is still a paid off day in most parts of the country.

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