Top 10 Amazing Fun Roller Coaster Rides in the World

Perhaps the most popular attraction in the world is a roller-coaster ride. It could turn out to be an exciting, joyous and adventurous ride beyond any shadow of a doubt. However, not many people can afford to attempt it because they are scared or suffer from health issues.

There is nothing more exciting than a ride accelerating at a high speed and taking unbelievable turns and twists. If you love roller coasters then take look at some of these amazing rides from around the world.


  • 1

    Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi - UAE

    Today it is the fastest roller coaster in the world with a speed of 240 km/h. It is recommended to wear goggles for eye protection as this ride, built in 2010, literally flies in the air as high as 52 meters.

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  • 2

    Oblivion, Alton towers – UK

    Built in 1998, Oblivion is the world's first roller coaster ride with a longest vertical limit. It reaches up to 54 m high in the air at a speed of 109 km/h. Judging from the video, this ride is awful but tempting.

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  • 3

    Black Mamba, Phantasialand – Germany

    This ride was built in 2006 following a heavy investment of €11 million which include the design costs. It reaches 26 m high in the air with a speed of 80 km/h.

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  • 4

    Krypton Coaster, Six flags - U.S.A

    This roller coaster forms the largest loop in the world, rolling on a 44 meter path and could give a heart attack making sharp 360 degrees turns. It was built 12 years ago and has a speed of 113 km/h.

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  • 5

    Inferno, Terra Mitica – Spain

    This is one of only two fast roller coasters available in Europe. The roller coaster aka Inferno built in 2000 is located in the area of the park designed in the spirit of ancient Rome. This ride travels at 37 m/h.

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  • 6

    Space Mountain, Disney Park – France

    This is the first roller coaster ride with a built-in audio function. Space Mountain, travels at 30 m/h and remains the most popular ride at French Disney Park for the last 17 years.

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  • 7

    Cyclone, Coney Island, U.S.A

    There are not many roller coasters which carry some historical significance. However, "Cyclone", built in 1927, is just one of them. This is an official New York City landmark, which can reach up to 97 km/h.

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  • 8

    Kingda Ka, Six Flags, U.S.A

    If you want to feel as though you have been dropped from a height equal to 45 floors at a speed of 206 km/h, then you should visit Kingda Ka. This amazing ride was built in 2005.

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  • 9

    Silver Star –Europe

    This ride, built in 2002, goes up to 73 meters high and has been sponsored by Mercedes - Benz. Visitors can enjoy this ride as it reaches a speed of 127 km/h.

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  • 10

    Top Thrill Dragster - U.S.A

    The ride, built in 2003, with an average speed of 193 km/h was regarded as the fastest roller coaster until the emergence of Kingda Ka.

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