How to Go on a Ghost Hunt

The term ghost hunt is wrongly used as no one is able to capture a ghost. However, people investigate for signs of their presence. Shakespeare once stated, “There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” Thus these paranormal or ghost investigators main purpose is to prove their presence in an area. If you want to go on a ghost hunt then follow some important guidelines to not only have some fun but get a chance to explore the unknown.

Things Required:

– EMF meters
– Digital thermometers
– Audio recorders
– Digital Still / Video Cameras
– Flashlights
– Warm Clothing


  • 1

    Study the site

    You are required to do some proper research of the place your are going to visit for ghost hunting. You need to get all the information of the site. In addition to this, you need to get information of the ghost which is possibly haunting the area. Try to find out the identity and get information about any supernatural incidents which occurred in that area.

  • 2

    Scout out the site

    You need to scout out the area before you start ghost hunting. In case the site is privately owned, it is important to take permission from the owner. You should ask politely in order to go to that location. Check out for any dangerous spots like loose floorboards or dead-falls and make a note of these areas to ensure nobody from your team gets hurt at night.

  • 3

    Gather equipment and set it up

    You are required to gather all the different equipment which will help you in your quest. Warm clothes and ability to observe are the basic things that you will need. However, if you are serious about hunting for ghosts, you need things like EMF meters and digital thermometers. In addition to this, you should carry cameras and audio recorders in order to gather evidence. You can also carry flashlights in case you are hunting after dark. After gathering all of the necessary equipment, you need to reach the location in time so you can install everything.

  • 4

    Have patience

    You are required to keep your eyes open and stay quiet. Remember that you should have a lot of patience when ghost hunting as sometimes nothing happens. It is possible that the ghost might not appear for several nights so it is important to take notes and make observations.

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