How to Make Money at the Beach This Summer

The beach is a rich hunting ground for fun summer jobs – the plus point is that alongside working, you can also fit in some beach fun, or work on your tan. However, owing to the fact that it makes an attractive summer job, competition for employment opportunities at the beach can be fierce. Either beat the others to it, or come up with new, innovative ideas that are bound to prove a hit and help you make money at the beach in summer.


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    The best way to make money at the beach is to offer interesting services. Get a good quality camera, and start taking pictures at the beach. You can start photographing people and giving them a card with an address where they can pick up a developed copy of the picture – make it even more creative and get a female friend to dress up as a “mermaid” who people can take pictures with. You can also take scenic photographs of the beach, and sell these to travel agencies as picturesque images of beach destinations.

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    Start drawing. This is similar to the photographing option – you can charge people at the beach and sketch them. Set a reasonable fee and set up a nice stand for yourself. Find a prominent spot on the beach, put up a banner, place a couple of chairs there for people to sit on as you sketch them, and hang up samples of your artwork to attract customers.

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    If you have a particular talent, start performing. You can sing, dance, play an instrument, or juggle, etc. Find a prominent spot on the beach for your performance, and place a container nearby, for spectators and passer-bys to leave tips in.

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    If you cannot think of any creative services to offer, go the traditional route and start selling items that people often need on the beach. This could be bottled water (buy it by the case and sell it by the bottle), sun block (purchase trial-sized sunscreens, and sell them for a profit), or you could even set up a traditional lemonade stand.

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    If you are unable to sell anything, or offer any services, try collecting materials at the beach to sell. Gather stray bottles and cans, and turn these in for recycling. Using trash bags for this purpose might make you look like a scavenger, so try obtaining a good-sized cardboard box for the gathering purpose. Write something like “Please Recycle!” on the box in bold letters, and walk around the beach. In addition to collecting items yourself, you can also hold your box out for anyone interested in dumping their bottles and cans in.

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    Go over the beach with a metal detector, scouring for valuables in the beach sand. You will be surprised at the things you can unearth at the beach. You can rent a metal detector for this purpose and go over the beach, looking for loose change, jewellery, and any watches that might be embedded in the sand.

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    Collect pretty shells, and try selling these to craft stores, or to anyone who is interested in adding to their shell collection. You can also set up an online craft store in order to sell your findings. You don’t need to set up a website for this specific purpose – simply use websites like Etsy and eBay to find customers.

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