Top 10 Things To Do on Holiday in Cairo

Cairo is the capital of Egypt and in addition to that, it is the largest city in the Arab world as well as Africa. It has been a center of region’s political and cultural life and this city holds an important place in the international system. However, apart from its political and geographical significance, the city of Cairo is a paradise for tourists. There are a number of things to do in the city and they say that anyone who sees Cairo once in his life then carves to again and again in the beautiful capital of Egypt. While travelling to Egypt, whether for business or pleasure, you have to following things before bidding farewell to the ancient city.


  • 1

    Coptic Cairo

    Coptic Cairo or the Old City is situated in the southern part of the city. Any bus can take you to the oldest part of this amazing city and one should not miss this beautiful place while on the tour to Cairo. Leave before breakfast in order to see the city in bright sunlight.

  • 2

    Giza Pyramids

    The Pyramids are one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world. They draw thousands of tourists each day and you have to spare a full day if you want to see each and every part of the Giza Pyramids. Take a cab or hop on a bus, you can easily find Giza Pyramids.

  • 3

    Mosque of Ibn Tulun

    The mosque was constructed in 879 A.D. It is said to be the oldest and as well as largest mosque of the city and can accommodate thousands of people at once. Religious sightseeing is always interested and a visit to the mosque of Ibn Tulun will be a life time experience.

  • 4

    Egyptian Antiquities Museum

    You cannot simple go to Cairo without visiting the amazing museum of the city. The museum holds mummies from the time of Pharaoh and a 4 hour before the lunch would be an experience of the life time.

  • 5


    Egypt is not all about history and ancient times. If you are looking for a modern day Egypt, take a ferry and head to Zamalek (Gezira Island).

  • 6

    Khan el-Khalili

    The best place in Cairo, if you are looking to buy some authentic Egyptian souvenirs. Two hours tour to this amazing market would be more than enough and one cannot afford to stay there for more than that.

  • 7

    Mohamed Ali Mosque

    Mohamed Ali Mosque or the Alabaster Mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques in Cairo. Take a bus from Cairo and visit this beautiful piece of architecture.

  • 8

    Al-Azhar Park

    If you are looking for natural beauty in Cairo, Al-Azhar Park is the place for you. Situated on the eastern side of the city, a visit to the park must be on top of the agenda.

  • 9

    Museum of Islamic Art

    If you are interested in Islamic art, you have to visit Museum of Islamic Art before leaving Cairo. A True reflection of past preserved at world standards.

  • 10

    Camel Ride

    A camel ride is a must do thing while in Cairo and it is guaranteed to be a life time experience. Adds to a adventurous trip with unforgettable memories.

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