How to Find Water in the Desert

Water is one of the most essential element of our survival. Water sources in a desert are extremely limited and if you fail to carry water with you or ration it appropriately, you land up in a risk of losing your life. You should know some surviving tips beforehand while travelling through the desert and also keep a map with you which should indicate the possible water sources. If that is not available or if you have lost yourself, a knowledge of some basic survival skills is very important. Our step by step guide equips you with those skills in the following text.


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    Dig up for water:

    If there is a dry river bed, chances are that there is still water underneath. Water is also likely to be present on the base of a mountain. Dig up on these places. Look for rock pockets which might have stored water from the past rains and which has not evaporated yet.

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    Follow animals:

    When you notice animals travelling in a certain direction, follow them. They will eventually lead to a water source. If you spot birds (except vultures) circling over a specific place, you have found a water reservoir.

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    Look out for dew deposits on the rocks and plants early in the morning. You can just lick them off the rock surface. It may not be much but it will help you survive.

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    Some varieties of cactus can store good quantities of water inside them but you will have to slice them up which is a difficult job. You also need to be sure that the cactus is not poisonous. If the water is milky, it is better not to drink it.

    Look out for plants that grow only in water. If they are growing there that means there is water underneath and that is where you have to dig. Another option is to dig out the roots of the plants, slice them and suck the juices inside.

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    Prepare your containers if you see a storm approaching. Put them on the ground and let them fill.The storm might not last long but will give you enough water to survive.

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