How to Clean an Apartment before Moving Out

Many people face trouble when they move out from an apartment and do not get their security deposit back because they have left the premises dirty or have damaged something. It is very important to clean your apartment before moving out.

However, sometimes it becomes a challenge as you pack all of your stuff and it makes a mess. No matter how difficult it is to clean the apartment while moving out, you can still do it easily by follow some simple techniques.

Things Required:

– Paper towels and cleaning rags
– Vacuum cleaner
– Grease-cutting cleaner


  • 1

    First of all, you need to remove all of your belongings from the apartment before starting the cleaning process. Do not leave anything valuable that can accidentally go in the garbage while cleaning the apartment.

  • 2

    Removing all belonging will make it quite easy for you to clean the rooms, kitchen, washrooms, terrace, wardrobes and other adjacent areas of your apartment. Removing your goods will also help you in finishing the cleaning process fast.

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    You should start cleaning the bathrooms first as people find it the most difficult area of any apartment. Cleaning the bathrooms first will make the rest of the job easy for you. You should use grout cleaner on the side walls of the washroom and then scrub them thoroughly. It will help in removing all sorts of stains and the tiles on the bathroom walls will look like new.

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    Repeat the process with the floor of the washroom to remove all stains. Take a wet towel and rub it on the mirrors of the washroom to properly clean them. Then clean the toilet to complete the washroom cleaning.

  • 5

    Move to the kitchen and open all closets and shelves and wipe down everything. Take a grease-cutting cleaner for wiping down the stove, hood, counter-tops and back-splash. You can also use dish-washing detergent to clean the outer sides of the microwave and dishwasher.

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    Thoroughly scrub the sink and also wipe down the area beneath it. Make sure you have also cleaned the refrigerator or fridge with a wet towel. Then mop the floor of the kitchen to make the cleaning process complete.

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    Then clean the living areas like bedroom, sitting or drawing room, TV lounge and other adjacent areas. Just use a vacuum cleaner which will help in cleaning these areas quite effectively.

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