How to Get to Khao San Road in Bangkok

Khao San Road is the most renowned area in Bangkok, Thailand. It was very famous, and its reputation was further increased by the American movie “The Beach.” As a result of this, it is now a popular choice for backpackers and low budget tourists in Thailand. When you get to Bangkok, getting to Khao San Road does not take much of an effort. Moreover, there are a number of modes of transportation to get you there. It just needs deciding upon the best (depending on the day), the inexpensive or the most fun way to go there.


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    Travel by boat

    The simple and most inexpensive way to get to Khao San Road is by river boat. Boats travel up and down the Chao Phraya River from morning till the evening so you can get on a boat, enjoy a fun river cruise and reach Khao San Road in just 30 minutes. To get on a boat, take the BTS sky train to Saphan Taksin station.

    Get out of the station and go to the river towards the Sathorn Pier. Boats pass by the pier after every short while. After that, take a boat to Phra Arthit Pier. Then walk to the street and ask anyone for a short cut to Khao San Road. It’s just a two minute walk. Remember to travel by boat in rush hours, as you will definitely not get stuck in a traffic jam that way.

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    BTS Sky train

    You cannot reach Khao San Road by BTS Sky train as the nearest station, National Stadium, is still a couple of miles away. However, you can get on the sky train to National Stadium and then get in a taxi. Make sure you jump in a taxi on the same side of the street as MBK (Mahboonkrong Mall), as that will be the way the taxi will be driving in.

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    Riding a Tuk-Tuk

    Tuk-tuks are a great way to travel if you are a tourist in Bangkok, but they generally tend to be one of the more expensive modes of transportation due to the mere greed of most of the drivers driving them. If you do wish to get on a tuk-tuk, remember to negotiate the fare before you get in and never agree with the first fare the driver asks from you. Tuk-tuk are a good way to travel in rush hour as they are faster than taxis at that time.

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