Things to do in Qingdao

Named as China’s most livable city, Qingdao is a major tourist destination, which sees a major collision of tradition and modernity that couples with diversity to form a unique atmosphere.


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    Badaguan Scenic Resort:

    A complex build of superb architecture and colonial design, the Badaguan scenic resort is a comfortable place to stay and promising to be a lot of fun for those who want to jazz it up.

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    Qingdao Laoshan Beijiushui Scenic Resort:

    Another resort built to cater for the needs of the burgeoning tourist and local population, one can look forward to peace and serenity when visiting this famous locality.

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    Laoshan Scenic Area:

    Definitely a spectacular location to visit, the Laoshan area will appeal to sightseers but there is a lack of good facilities, including quality food, which makes it rather bland for tourists.

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    Golden beach (Huang Dao):

    Check out the sandy beaches and indulge in surfing, which is quite a surprise as only a handful of cities in China offer a chance of testing the water to the limit.

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    Istanbul Restaurant:

    Turkish food is revered and the best place to sample it is at the Istanbul Restaurant. Kebabs and Doners are specialties, but the Turkish burger is also consumed to widespread fame.

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    Ristorante San Marco Italiano:

    For authentic taste of Italy, be sure to check out this eatery, which is located at the Haiqing hotel and has a large customer base, owing to their superb take on Italian cuisine.

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    Experience top International cuisine at its very best with Wildfire, where the atmosphere and menu caters to every palate.

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    Holiday Inn Qingdao Parkview:

    Holiday Inn’s International chain also has a branch in Qingdao and for those who a specific standard of class without going way of out their budget, this is perhaps the best place.

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    Sea view Garden Hotel:

    Excellent service and quality rooms is what you get at the Sea View Garden and it is definitely worth a visit, considering it’s high rating amongst the natives.

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    InterContinental Hotel:

    A first-class hotel, with all International facilities and a decent price tag, the InterContinental should be on one’s horizon if you are looking to stay in a comfortable place with no frills attached.

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