How to Welcome your Wife Home from a Trip

If you are missing your wife too much because of her frequent travelling then you might want to welcome her home in grand style. Similarly, if you believe your relationship with your wife is becoming a routine matter and want to rekindle the spark, then giving a warm welcome to your loved one can be the perfect choice.

Although there are numerous romantic welcome home ideas, you should use the ones that suits your spouse’s personality and taste. Some ideas are discussed below for you to make your loved one know that you love and cherish her.


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    Tell your wife why you love her

    On the days when your wife is set to return home, buy some fresh flowers of her choice. Place some of those flower on the entrance door and paste a note which can take her breath away - you can be innovative here . Put up a similar note half way down the living room and then place one in your bedroom with a fresh flowers bouquet. This is bound to make her happy.

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    Love Shower

    Consider gathering items such as small wrapped chocolates, flower petals and red colour paper hearts and put them on top your ceiling fan’s blades. Make sure these items are not visible by arranging them along the length of the blade. Avoid creating a heap on the fan’s blade for best results.

    After your wife reaches back home, greet her with a red rose. Take her to the surprise room and switch on the ceiling fan. Make sure you choose the right moment to start your love shower.

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    Bubble Gifts

    A bubble gift bath is a very commonly used welcome idea. Simple prepare a bubble bath for your wife as a relaxing dip can be the perfect choice after a long and tiring day. Place small gift items such as romantic books, chocolate and perfume set in the bubble bath. Again, as she reaches back home, welcome her with a red rose. Let your wife discover the surprise as she prepares to get refreshed.

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    Love Balloons

    Fill your bed room with coloured love balloons that incorporate romantic messages such as “I Missed You” and “I Love You” etc.

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