Things to do on Holidays in Linz Austria

Well this is one place which we will not recommend if you are looking for a paradise island because this is far from any tourist resort that you may have known. Linz is Austria’s third largest city and is considered an industrial hub, making it a working town. It is almost impossible to miss the dockyards, chemical plants and steelworks when you are on your way towards the city.

A major problem for this place is the PR disaster of being Hitler’s home town. While this might turn many off. Today, the city projects a more progressive image. Nonetheless, it does not mean that you should scratch Linz as a tourist destination from your list because Linz’s selection in 2009 as European City of Culture makes it a place worth a visit.


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    Take a bus

    Although Linz’s Blue Danube Airport is outside the city, you can work this to your advantage by taking a bus which will take you 20 minutes to reach the city and cost you something around €3.

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    Places to eat

    Linz has many places where you can have a decent meal. It depends on your pocket where you want to eat as prices vary from place to place.

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    Festivals and events

    Linz cannot be complete without cultural activities such as festivals and other events. If you come here in September there is a musical festival which will keep you interested. All year long, there is no end to the festivities in this city.

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    Visit the old town

    Linz has a sizeable old town with rich culture to leave you mesmerized as you become aware of the culture of this part of the world. If you are eager to learn about the history of European culture then you better give this place a shot.

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    Visit Churches and Chapels

    With a religious history, it is nearly impossible to go to Linz and not see a church. The city has a considerable number of churches and chapels. These new and ancient churches will keep you occupied while you are touring.

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    Although, Austria faced the wrath of the German army during the Second World War, the old monuments still stand, telling us numerous stories of their time.

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    If you are looking for some impressive museums, then this is the place to be as Linz has some of the finest museums in Europe.

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    Linz hosts state of the art cinemas, showing the latest blockbusters. It is recommended that you spend an evening with family and friends in a cinema.

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    Drinks are relatively cheap here and you can go to any pub to spend some time drinking. Moreover you will love the generousness of the stuff in these pubs.

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    Visit the Zoo

    Linz houses over 800 animals which makes a visit to the zoo more important. You will be given glimpse of animals that you can never find else where.

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