Top 10 Things To Do on Holiday in San Diego

With its reputation as one of the largest and best places to live in the United States, San Diego has a vivid local culture and caters to tourist demands with its array of beaches, shopping malls and an enormous zoo.

Experience the best of the best with Step by Step highlighting the top ten things to do in the City.


  • 1

    Check out the San Diego Zoo

    This universally popular zoo boasts some of the world’s rarest animals, including the Giant Panda, amongst a host of fauna that is bound to capture the imagination of young and old ones alike.

  • 2

    Visit the USS Midway Museum

    The longest-serving Navy aircraft carrier of the 20th century is on display and for Navy enthusiasts this is a must-visit destination in San Diego. Not only do you get to tour all the places but with the help of your guide get exclusive insights which will marvel and surprise you.

  • 3

    Go Whale Watching at the harbor

    Gray Whales head on down from Alaska during the cold winter and you can take the opportunity to see them and a host of other marine life in action along the San Diego harbor if you fancy a swig of the ocean air.

  • 4

    Take a trip to Sea World

    You can still catch a glimpse of water mammals such as Dolphins and Whales from the comfort of your own seat, just visit the Sea World and see children scream in delight as they witness professional trainers entertain them with various marine crew members.

  • 5

    Relax at the beach

    The best way to enjoy your vacation is by hanging at the beach, eating snacks and generally snooze in the warm sun of the San Diego beach.

  • 6

    Stay at the Grand Del Mar

    Fancy an extravagant splurge rather than the usual bed and breakfast? Why not stay at the luxurious Grand De Mar, which guarantees quality service to its customers and an array of pastimes including a golf course.

  • 7

    Enjoy the Pacific Terrace Hotel

    A decent, mid-range hotel, which has the basic necessities you require with an added touch of professional class. Expect hot meals, swift laundry and a generally warm experience at the 610 Diamond Street locality.

  • 8

    Go Japanese with Sushi Ota

    Experience top class Japanese cuisine at this eatery, which is on the expensive side, but provides quality food at every time.

  • 9

    Fire up the Grill with Phil's BBQ

    Highly recommended for families and has an extensive menu that caters to the need of everyone, whether they are old or young.

  • 10

    Experience Mexican delights with La Playa Taco Shop

    Want to sample San Diego’s Mexican heritage? Try this superb Taco Shop for the best burritos, tortillas and of course tacos.

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