Things to do on Holidays in Bath England

It’s a beautiful city that lies in the Southwestern England on the River Avon. The steep hills overlook the city centre, which is an eye-catching view. The city owes its fame to the Romans who used it for its hot mineral springs, calling it the Aquae Sulis. The city has great historical value and has been included by UNESCO in the list of World Heritage Sites. The region is one of the major tourist spot around London, offering a variety of restaurants, pubs, theatres, pubs and cinemas to its visitors.


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    The Roman Baths are a prime attraction for the visitors. The city was known for its spa and baths since its inception, and has since then became an identity for the local region. The baths are fuelled by the country’s only hot springs, which has an output of over a million litres per day. The baths are well-maintained and deliver a relaxing experience along with a view of the historic archaeological site.

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    The Pulteney Bridge is one of the only four bridges in the world that have shops across the full span on both of the bridge. It’s a great tourist attraction in the city, along with being a shopping point for them. The tourist can also help themselves to a boat trip over the weir.

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    The Royal Crescent is a housing project that are constructed in a formation of a crescent like shape, being originally designed by John Wood and completed in late 18th century. It's one of many crescent shaped housing schemes in the city, and its shape is a marvel to witness for the visitors. The tourist can visit one of the model houses, one that has been specifically redecorated to resemble the experience of living there. The society has also a huge semi-elliptical lawn out in front of the houses, and is truly a breath-taking site for the visitors.

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    The Sion Hill can be termed as the Beverly Hills of Bath. It’s a wealthy neighbourhood in the upper part of the city, and is an ideal destination for a stroll. The region also has attractive stone buildings, one that the Hill is known for.

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    The city is also famous for its several parks, and is considered as an ideal location for summer for picnics. The city has three major parks including Parade Garden, Victoria Park and the Sydney Garden, with all of them being popular among the tourists as well as the local residents.

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    The region is also well known for its museums, which seem to be a tourist favourite. The Museum of Costume possesses an immense collection of present and historical dresses, and lies just next to the Royal Crescent.

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    Another museum is the Holburne Museum of Arts, which displays the great amount of treasures collected by Sir William Holburne. The vivid collection consists of English and continental silver, porcelain, glass and Renaissance bronzes. It also includes a picture gallery exhibiting works from several other English artists.

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    The city has also something to offer to those who have an interest in Astronomy. The Herschel Museum of Astronomy is a place to be for those who are interested in the history of science and astronomy.

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    The Theatre Royal exhibits a variety of entertainment and is located near to the city centre. It was been a venue for several Shakespeare plays as well, and has been of the oldest buildings in town.

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    The Odeon is the prime destinations for those who just love to watch movies. It’s the biggest and newest cinema for the biggest and newest films in the region, and was opened in 2006.

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