Things to do on Holidays in Malmö Sweden

Malmo is an important city of Sweden and is one of the largest cities in Scandinavia. The city is visited by thousands of tourists each month and if you are planning to spend your holidays in Sweden, you cannot ignore to do following things in Malmo.


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    Lilla Torg (Little Square)

    One of the most visited places in Malmo, Lilla Torg, also known as Little Square is a famous landmark of this beautiful city. Located in the centre of Malmo, Lilla Torg attracts hundreds of tourists each day and you must not forget to pay a visit to this place while you are in Malmo.

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    Oresund Bridge

    Although it is just a bridge, its architecture and the landscape has made it a massive tourists’ attraction. Any cab or even a coach can take you there and the best time to pay a visit would be before 7 PM.

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    St. Petri (St. Peter's Church)

    St. Peter's Church also known as St. Petri is the most famous cathedral in Malmo with a number of tourists visiting it every day. The church has an amazing history behind it and a visit to St. Petri is a must.

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    HSB Turning Torso

    Another amazing piece of architecture in Malmo, HSB Turning Torso is visited by thousands of people each month. No matter how short time you have up your sleeves, you cannot ignore to visit this amazing building.

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    If you want to spend some quality hours in Malmo away from the traffic and modernism, head straight to Kungsparken. It is arguably the most peaceful and beautiful park in the city.

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    Moderna Museet – Malmo

    You cannot complete your tour of Malmo without paying a visit to Moderna Museet. The museum can tell you a lot about Swedish history and the best time to pay a visit would be before noon.

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    Malmo Museer

    Another amazing museum in Malmo, Malmo Museer is visited by a large amount of tourists each day and a visit to this place should be on top of your to-do list.

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    Sodergatan Street

    If you want to see the real culture of Sweden of want to purchase some local merchandise, Sodergatan Street is the place for you. You can shop, walk and enjoy a lot of things that will tell you a lot about the Swedish culture.

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    SF Royal

    The best cinema in town. SF Royal is the best place to spend some quality time in Malmo and enjoy a movie with your friends or family at this amazing theatre.

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    Stortorget will tell you a lot about the amazing history of Sweden and a visit to this place is guaranteed to be a life time experience. Do not forget to take you camera with you.

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