Top 10 Ways to Stay Happy

Life is not a bed of roses. One has to go through ups and downs in life. However, some people still manage to stay happy, with a smile on their face. It doesn’t mean they don’t have tensions in life. However, they know the tactics to live a happy life. According to many researchers, “Smile is the best medicine in the world.” It is the best natural remedy to get rid of tension and stress related issues. Now, would you like to stay happy? If yes, here are the ten ways to be happy all the time.


  • 1

    Value Yourself

    Everyone in this world is different from others. It means that you are a unique creature. Learn all those positives points that set you apart from the rest of the world. Once you identify them, feel proud of yourself and use those positive points to you benefits.

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  • 2

    Count Your Blessings

    Are you grateful for your life? If not, then take a moment everyday to highlight all the blessings you may be overlooking. Acknowledge and value them to feel good that you are one among the blessed ones.

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  • 3

    Do Something New

    Following same activities and tasks everyday makes life boring and unattractive. Think out of the box and try something new and interesting everyday. When you go to bed in the evening, take few minutes to come up with unique ideas to perform your daily tasks and activities.

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  • 4

    Learn to Say NO

    Keeping everyone in your social circle happy is not possible. So stop pleasing them by saying yes to them all the time as it can create issues for you. Learn to say NO if you cannot perform any activity or if it’s not possible for you to do it.

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  • 5

    Spruce up Your Environment

    Colours have direct impact on your overall mood. They have the magical power to change your entire frame of mind. Repaint the wall of your home or at least your room with some bright colours that are not only refreshing but instill happiness. If you cannot afford repainting, simply re-decorate your environment, introducing lamps, cushions and blinds in bright colours. Moreover, enhance the lighting in your home for more cozy and relaxing feeling.

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  • 6


    Manage your free time properly and use it in a fruitful way. Rather than staying back in home and wasting time, use your time for creative purposes. For example, plan a hiking or fishing trip with your friends or family, explore new places to hang out and eat and visit some nearby museums etc.

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  • 7

    Whatever happens, happens for good

    Don’t be afraid or upset of the ongoing tensed situations in your life. “Every problem has a solution.” Have a firm believe that everything that has ever happened to you and whatever is happening to you, it all happened for some reason; it was all planned by a higher authority. Today’s sorrowfulness may be the reason of tomorrow’s contentment.

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  • 8

    Cleanse off the negativity

    Negative thinking can destroy the precious relations in your life. Try think positive all the time, leaving no room for negativity in your mind. Moreover, do not feel bad about the sad things or mistakes that took place in the past. You simply cannot rewind your past and correct it. So, “It's no use crying over spilled milk.” However, you can make a commitment to make a new start and not to repeat those mistakes again.

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  • 9

    Concentrate on Your Health

    Healthy life is one of the guarantees of a happy life. Eat balanced food and carry out exercises on a regular basis. Do not compromise on your nap and sleep for at least 8 hours per day. Meditation and prayers are practical tools towards maintaining a positive and healthy attitude in life.

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  • 10

    Master your Emotions

    If you are unhappy for some reason, carry out simple breathing exercise and try singing as loud as you can. Additionally, call your loved ones and share your condition to feel better. Best of all, laugh at yourself and see the magic.

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