How to Be a Great Supervisor

The efficiency and effectiveness of management largely depends on the supervisors of the company or firm. Supervisors have direct contact with the workers and they ensure that the goals of the organisation are being achieved or not. If you want to become a great supervisor, you must be well-educated, flexible and analytical. In addition to that, you should have good communication and interpersonal skills so that you can easily manage your workers. Most important of all, you must be a good human being which is often considered as one of the most important prerequisites of a great supervisor.


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    First of all, you have to develop a good relationship with all your workers. Always, be nice and kind to your workers. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to become friends with them. You have to maintain a decent gap so that your workers may not become too frank with you.

    The most successful supervisors are those who have good relationship with their workers ; a relationship, which is based on respect, kindness and courtesy.

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    You must learn management skills to handle your workers in a profound manner. You can take help from different case studies or research articles related to the ongoing management issues around the world. In this way, you can enlighten yourself about handling the diversified workforce in an efficient way.

    Furthermore, you can also take help from books related to management. You can also take part in various workshops related to management studies. It will help you in getting practical management experience.

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    It is extremely important for you to delegate tasks amongst all the workers equally. Otherwise, it will create a sense of inequality in the minds of your workers which can have a negative effect on productivity.

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    You should call departmental meetings with all your workers at least twice a week to discuss their performance. You must appreciate the good workers in front of everyone so that others may get motivated. However, you should never discuss the weak points of bad workers in public as it can create bitterness and dissatisfaction.

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    It is better to communicate everything to all the workers by yourself because if you make only one worker responsible for all your communication, it may give an impression of favouritism to all the other workers.

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