How to Stop People from Making Fun of You

Bullying is a major problem all over the world and it is not something restricted to schools alone. Many people love to make fun of others not caring about how the other person feels. Obviously such emotionless people are to be dealt with and cannot be given a free pass to mess around.

If you are facing any such trouble, you have to stand up for yourself as you are the only person who can put a stop to this. It is certainly not as hard as it sounds and you can very well do it by playing it right.


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    The best way to go about it is to ignore these people. They feed on others annoyance and if they are unable to get this pleasure, they get discouraged. This is generally a behaviour associated with certain animals but humans can also act in such a manner unfortunately.

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    Believe it or not, the stare is underrated and can work wonders for you in this kind of a situation. The stare can deliver a very clear message that you are not pleased and it is better that you are not messed with. The way you look at the person making fun of you should be with a very clear purpose and should send a strong message. Anyone with a sane mind will get the message loud and clear.

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    This does not mean that you hit back or start a yelling match but instead down play the importance of the non-sense the other person is throwing at you. A satirical chuckle hinting at the silliness of the other person should be good enough to make them understand that you are not bothered and they can keep silent.

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    Their Weakness

    This is something very unkind but everyone who is a bully is so because he or she has a weakness that they are scared everyone will know. Get some information about it if the person is relentless in his or her bullying.

    Let this person know that it is better for him or her to back off or a similar fate awaits that person as well. This is kind of cruel on the other person but to be fair if someone just refuses to understand, this is the language they will very clearly adhere to.

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