How to Cope With Peer Pressure

Peers are an important part of our life. Not only in education life, they exist in professional life as well. Our way of interaction  plays vital in building strong and healthy relationship with them. However, most of the time we get affected by the peers in one way or the other. Peer pressure is a normal activity now a days and it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you or your behavior. What best you can do to tackle peer pressure is  “ adjust your behavior according to various sanarios and keep all those nasty vibes of your peers at the bay. A proper know-how of the simple techniques to cope with peer pressure can make life easy and free of tensions. Now if you have been a victim of any kind of peer pressure, lets sort out the solutions together…


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    Develop a strong sense of identity

    Be very clear about your vision that what you exactly want out of life. And make sure not to compromise on your personal values just for the sake of others or their perception about you.  Such attitude will help you in dealing the peer pressure effectively.

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    Build your self-esteem

    Love yourself, pamper yourself and take a wonderful care of yourself. Do not miss any chance to appreciate your efforts and celebrate your accomplishments. Your negative perception about yourself can make you more assailable to peer pressure. So check out How to Have a Good Self Image.

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    Respond kindly and politely

    Your kind and polite response in return of your peer’s irritating attitude can make him or her realize their fault. Therefore, there is no need to attack them early. Have some patience and give them chance, at least three times.

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    Your peer pressures a fourth time- don’t be nice

    If your peer repeats his or her irritating attitude, do be nice for the fourth time. Let him or her that you have some self respect and you possess the capability to respond rudely but you don’t want a mess.

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    No means NO!

    Stick to this simple rule of life to let your peer know that you don’t compromise on your rules for life.  No doubt saying no requires guts, but it is the simplest but very useful tool to make your peers realize that there is no point to mess up with you.

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    Never ever play the sympathy card

    Some people play the sympathy card with a hope that it may work to cope the peer pressure. It may be helpful once, but you can lose your self respect in return. Moreover, this tactic may get you the nickname as a “Mr./MS. Weak.”

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    Laugh it off

    The importance of taking things lightly as a tool to tackle peer pressure is beyond price. If you feel that you are in an uncomfortable situation due to peers, find a humorous point in the conversation to take it easy. Happy people by nature possess the capabilities to deal with the annoying peers.

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