How to Respect Your Teacher in Class

Teaching is one of the most respectable professions, given they set the foundations for a better future. While students may not always hold teachers in the highest esteem, it often has to do with them not liking restrictions and rules. However, if you see your teacher as someone who is grooming and guiding you with utmost sincerity, you should respect him and her. Your teacher will also reciprocate respect with respect and is likely to go out of his/her way to help you out.


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    Be attentive

    Teachers are very experienced individuals and they get to know when you are least bothered. However, in order to be in their good books, it is important that you pay attention to what they say. Although doing this may not be easy, it is important to keep a few things in mind.

    Also avoid being half-present, where your mind is focused elsewhere but your body is in the class. During a lecture, these vital things will get noticed.

    Never be a backbencher – Although it does not entirely have a direct impact on your relationship but creating a healthy bond will require you to be among the front row students. This way you get highlighted as a student who values the lecture and teacher’s overall input.

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    Ask to-the-point questions

    Most often than not, you will be trying to gain attention of your teacher by asking out of line, or irrelevant questions. Your questions must be thoughtful and purposeful where you are sticking to the topic under discussion. If the topic is beyond your understanding, then notify your lecturer by raising your hand. Here also you need not ask a barrage of questions, which either depicts the fact that you are not understanding the lecture at all, or challenging the teacher’s way of teaching.

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    Submit your assignments on time

    The best way to show respect is to submit all assigned work on time. Any delays or delinquency will in turn give a disrespectful impression. However, if you had a viable reason, then you must convey that to your teacher and ensure that it is not repeated again. However, not doing the assignment because it was difficult will not be a good enough reason. At least make an effort to attempt the questions.

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    Be confident, and communicate well

    Teachers often like those students who are confident about themselves, and can lighten up the class with a touch of humor. Boring and dull students might ace the course but will not be remembered for a long time. However, avoid being arrogant.

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