How to Conduct a Paranormal Investigation

A paranormal activity is a phenomenon which cannot be explained scientifically. It has been hypothetically defined as a happening which involves dark energy e.g. ghosts and cannot be interpreted by the present knowledge of science. It is quite difficult to conduct a paranormal investigation as you have to be brave enough to put your life at risk.

Although, it is better to take help of an investigator who specialises in the investigation of paranormal activities, you can also conduct the investigation yourself by using some specific equipments.

Things Required:

– Electrical tape
– Cameras
– Voice recorders
– Walkie-talkies


  • 1

    Conduct interview of the landlord

    First of all, you have to conduct a thorough interview of the person who owns a haunted property. Most of time, people just rumour about a particular property that it is haunted and there is no such thing in reality. Therefore, it is extremely important for you to have a good discussion with the landlord in order to find out the truth. You can ask any kind of questions from the landlord, but make sure that you don’t waste that person’s time.

  • 2

    Check record of the property

    It is very important for you to check the record of the property to see whether it has ever served any wrong purpose. For instance, you must find out whether there had been any murder in that place or whether it was used by a serial killer to dig the corpses. Usually, the property where something wrong has happened in past is haunted. In addition, don’t forget to check the record of the property with the police department.

  • 3

    Schedule time for conducting the investigation

    You must schedule a time for conducting the investigation at midnight or before morning because the paranormal activities take place during these times.

  • 4

    Set up all the cameras, emf devices and voice recorders

    Set up all the cameras, emf detectors and voice recorders to the required places in order to keep the property under surveillance. Make sure that all the wires are connected well before starting the investigation. Whenever a person is in the vicinity of a ghost, emf level increases, which can be detected by an emf detector.

  • 5

    Always investigate in a team

    It is better to conduct the paranormal investigation in a team as if anybody gets hurt other person can provide help.

  • 6

    Remain silent during investigation

    You can only monitor the paranormal activities if you maintain proper silence during the investigation. Therefore, keep your keys and other things which may produce any kind of sounds well covered so as to maintain silence during the investigation.

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