What Causes Nightmares and How to Stop Them

Nightmares can be a result of couple of reasons. In most cases, an individual experience nightmares because of the bad past experience or if you have been talking about the ghosts or watching horror movies late night. No doubt that having a nightmare does not mean there is something to do with the ghosts but it can be due to an experience in the past. Mostly people suffer from nightmares due to the things that happened to them in the past ort the things they did as a grown up.


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    Identify the cause of nightmare

    In order to get rid of your nightmares, you must identify the root cause. This may sounds difficult to you but it is actually not the case. If you want to figure out the reason of a nightmare, you do not have to go anywhere or consult anyone’s help. All you need to do is think and realise what was the subject matter of the nightmare. After you have recalled the nightmare, you would be able to easily identify the most probable reason for your nightmare. For example, you can have nightmares if you had a poor relationship experience in the past or if you lost someone who was very close to you.

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    Evaluate the reason

    After you have identified the reason of experiencing nightmares, you must critically analyse the reason and your part in it. Remember that it will play an important role in getting rid of your nightmare, so you must think well. It is of utmost importance that you should stay calm and quiet before going to bed otherwise it will be hard for you to stop the nightmares.

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    Empty your mind of all the worries

    It is of reasonable importance that you must clear your mind of all the worries and do not panic over anything. Remembering the bad experiences will not help you in any case. You must realise this and try to move one with a positive attitude. You should consider watching romantic or comedy movies before going to the bed.

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    Avoid horror movies

    If you are having nightmares then you should stop watching horror movies, especially at night. You should also stop watching movies with severe violence scenes.

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    Stop drugs and smoking

    Drugs can play a strong role in this, so you must stop taking them immediately. If you do not take drugs but smoke, you should stop smoking immediately.