How to Improve Your Imagination

There are no limits to one’s imagination rather than the ones we impose on ourselves. However, there are ways to expand and improve one’s thoughts, ideas and ability to daydream. This involves a number of different elements, which when combined and practiced will allow a person to come up with virtually anything in their heads and maybe even inspire them to write a seven book series where they kill off everyone’s favourite characters one by one in agonising fashion, leaving each book with a cliffhanger.

We apologise for that rant but George R. R. Martin’s imagination is matched only by his sadism towards his readers. However, one must commend him on the scale and depth of the world he has created.

Such imagination does not come easy, after all just look at the age of the person in question, yet there are a number of things one could practice in order to try and reach that level over time.


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    Read! There is a saying that goes ‘a man who reads lives a thousand lives, a man who does not lives only one’. The key to imagination is experience and exposure. Something different that is unique and profound. The more ideas, concepts and experiences one exposes himself to the grander his imagination.  This does not involve reading only fiction but also about history and factual accounts as well.

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    This brings us to our second point, imagination does not necessarily mean creating a whole new world for oneself, rather one could create an element of fantasy in the real world itself. What if every garbage collector was an FBI agent or so on.

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    The essence of imagination is to create something interesting out of the mundane and the best way to do this is to combine something unbelievable or ‘cool’ with something boring and mundane. So if one really wants to expand his imagination then practice sitting down in a park or by the side of the road and creating stories for each person or thing. A traffic light could be a camera monitoring cars, the police officer could be a costumed vigilante by night. Once you begin practicing this, stories will automatically pop in your head and you will find yourself in a completely new world.

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    Play video games as they allow users to express their imagination and is a great simulator for those who want to see their ideas come to life.

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