How to Convince People to Like You

In everyday life, at work and at leisure, we constantly find or meet new people. It can be said that either you can make an impression on people in 4 seconds or you can give a negative impression and lose people, whom you want to be with, forever.

Even our career depends on what we will be in the eyes of the authorities, or how we will be comfortable in the team of the impression that we make on colleagues. By the way, the completeness of the estimate depends on the degree of confidence.

Everyone knows that they would not get another second chance to make a good first impression. Ability to make a good impression is a valuable gift and a very useful skill. Alas, not all of it is given by nature.
And, despite the fact that the first impression is often wrong, though sometimes it is precisely the most important.


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    If a person is smiling, it means that he is not just happy and content but it shows he is also confident. If his smile lights up, it tells that he is not afraid of the world and feel completely comfortable. Such people get sympathy of others in most cases.

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    You cannot win people unless you act confidently. A confident person does not look at the floor and loses eye contact. It is important to look into the eyes of the people whom you are talking with as it shows that you are sincere and confident about what you’re saying.

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    Your appearance often speaks before you actually utter any word from your mouth. Untidy man with dishevelled hair and the smell of unwashed armpits may lead to a sense of negativity for you around people.

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    Many people, who get in a difficult conversation, start to swing one's legs, knees or pull too vigorously gesticulating. This is definitely a distraction from the fear and anxiety that burns you from the inside. These gestures make a bad impression. They show that you are nervous, and infect others of the same nervousness.

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