Top 10 things Men Hate about Women

For a relationship to work out in a positive and healthy manner, both men and women need to be patient and get rid of old habits that are despised by their second half. This is the only way a relationship can move forward in the right direction. While there are many qualities in men that irk their female partners, women themselves are not far behind when it comes to  doing things which men find unbearably annoying. Habits that irritate your significant other are likely to prove detrimental to the relationship, and unless the habit is something you absolutely cannot live without, it is best to try and tone it down or eliminate it entirely for the benefit of your partner.


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    Women have high expectations from men, and this pressure gradually starts becoming unbearable for men. When it gets too much to handle, cracks begin to appear in the relationship, and fights become frequent. Women expect men to understand everything, which is next to impossible.

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    Men absolutely hate being interrupted in the middle of their work; however, women have a habit of intruding over and over again. Men also do not wish to be interrupted when they are speaking, but some women just cannot keep quiet, and have to have their say in almost everything.

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    Loud reactions

    Women are usually more expressive than men, and their reactions to things are often louder and more pronounced than those of their male counterparts. Women might not be aware of it, but this irritates men to a great degree. It can get pretty embarrassing for a man accompanying a woman if she reacts loudly to something in a public place where there are lots of people around.

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    Shopping is something that every woman adores; however, the simple truth is that men hate shopping. Spending hours walking around in shopping malls and browsing through countless stores is something men are simply not made for. Shopping is one habit which women cannot live without, but their tendency to shop for hours, even when they do not need anything important, makes no sense to men.

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    Some women have a very irritating habit of interrogating their partners, and inquiring about where they were all day long and who they met. Men hate being interrogated and despise this habit a lot. Taking the interrogation a step further, some women even check the pants and shirt pockets of men - this is crossing the line, as no one likes people snooping around their stuff.

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    Women are strong headed

    Some women are just too stubborn to listen to reason; they never change their opinions, and want the men to oblige by agreeing to everything they say. Men feel they are wasting their time around such bull-headed women.

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    Some women are just too curious for men; they never stop asking questions and always want to poke their noses in everything. There are some things that men do not want to share, but some women won’t stop until they have forced their man to spill the beans.

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    Making plans without consulting men

    Some women are in the habit of making plans without consulting their partner. This habit of leaving their significant other out of the loop is not appreciated by men.

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    Women are very impulsive, and do not bother to understand the whole situation before making up their mind about something - this habit of jumping to conclusions and acting irrationally irks men to a great degree.

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    Most women are over-possessive about their partners- this habit is not appreciated by men,  especially when the possessiveness gets out of hand.

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