How to Take Disappointment

Disappointment is a feeling that every human being faces at some stage in their lives one way or another. You will never come across someone who has not faced disappointment in life, may that be related to work, relationship, family or something else. It is a part of life, something we have to live with. However, living with disappointment in no way means that we stop living. Life is about moving on and it is very important to take a disappointing scenario on the chest and let go of it as quickly as you can. The more you contemplate on it, the more hurt you will feel.


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    Look up to some of the greatest personalities in the world. Before becoming symbols of perfection at what they did, these people all faced a lot of disappointments in life. However, they never gave up and let the disappointment get the better of them. Instead, they channelled their disappointment in a way that it made them stronger individuals. For instance, Albert Einstein did not even pass his college entrance exam while Walt Disney was given the boot in his first media job. Michael Jordan on the other hand, failed to make it to his high school basketball team while Franck Ribery was thrown out of LOSC Lille. The rest as they say, is history.

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    Relate to all the natural things that happen day in day out. God made so many plants and animals who from humble beginnings, become either beautiful or strong. For instance, look at the lotus flower. This flower blooms in the most beautiful of manners only when its deep in the mud. Pearls are made when a grain of sand gets inside the shell of an oyster.

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    It is right when the wise ones say that success is only one percent of your talent and 99 percent of your hard work. In life, you will find cynical and critics wherever you go. Treat these people no more than mere distractions or haters. They after all, have been put in your path to make things hard for you. Their words may disappoint you but should not hold you back.

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    Stop contemplating on the disappointment. What happened, happened and there is nothing in this world you can do to change it. However, what you can do is that you can take that disappointment like a man and make sure that you learn from it and make sure that next time you come across anything like that, you know how to deal with it.

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