How to Prepare Before Quitting a Job

Quitting a job is no doubt a harsh and a toughest career decision which will only impact the employee himself who takes the step gracefully or through crucial manners. In urge to get your dream job, sensible and mature procedure should be followed or else you might place yourself in the bad books of your previous boss.

You have to be very sure and careful while taking the final decision because getting hired and quitting your job will lead you to difficult consequences, which you might not be aware of.


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    Before taking the initiative to quit the job keep in mind the ratio of advantages and disadvantages you will face in future. The big question which comes into your mind is do I have other job opportunities? And if I do are they more beneficial than the present one?
    Sometimes resignations may only lead you to regret, which is why you have to see how many doors are open if you close one.

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    Quitting will definitely not provide you with unemployment benefits, so if you are ready to wait for the next dazzling opportunity, you need to have patience.

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    When the decision has been finialsed from your side, your boss should be the first person to know, it would be quite insulting if someone else breaks the news.

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    Disclosing the news of your resignation via phone or short email message is an unprofessional manner. A dignified and graceful legal resignation letter should be written. With a proper reason and your positive experience in the oragnisation, the letter should be brief and to the point. Letting them know that you had a good time will help in sustaining healthy terms.

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    Don’t forget to ask for a recommendation letter from the company, because it will help them as well as you in keeping the track.

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    When your resignation letter is approved, you are no more associated with the company, due to which you have to return their property or else they might file a legal notice against you.

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    You might end up needing the reference of your previous employees, so it’s better if the entire procedure is handled in a practical and reasonable manner.

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