How to Make Things Awkward for People

There are some people whom you just can’t stand, and the situation gets supremely irritating when they, intentionally or unintentionally, stay in close company. Both ways, the end result is the same; you get annoyed and feel like pulling your hair out in frustration.

But why have a bad time when you can actually take steps to strike back. You just have to create an awkward situation and if the first few experiments don’t work, just keep on increasing the intensity till the time, the person in question finds it unbearable to stay in your vicinity.

Just remember, that you have to portray a very serious look. Any signs of a giggle and the other person will understand what’s going on.


  • 1

    Stare at them endlessly

    This is the simplest and often the most effective trick. Just look on your sights on the person you want to rid off, and ensure that your gaze has a meaningful touch to it. Staring on a specific body part can also do the trick.

  • 2

    Start making weird noises

    If the first step doesn’t work, you don’t need to worry. Start making funny voices and make sure that you interrupt whatever activity your intended target is involved in, with these noises.

  • 3

    Ignore him/her

    This one is a winner and not that hard to do.

    If you are in a group and the person you want to rid off is in the company, initiate a conversation in such a way that you involve everyone except him/her. The easiest way to do that is to use your eye contact properly. Even if that person tries to budge into the conversation, turn the topic to a point which you know is his/her weak point. Any person, with a scintilla of self respect and social understanding, will quickly figure out what is happening and leave.

    In case you two are alone, just being unresponsive. The simplest way is to put on your earphones and start listening to music, avoiding eye contact all the while.

  • 4

    Start making fun of your target

    When all else fails, there is always the option of you making fun of the persona non grata. There are so many ways to do that; all you have to do is to be witty. If you don’t think that is your strong point, the simplest thing is to mimic him/her.

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