How to Recover From a Whipple Procedure

Recovering from a Whipple procedure is quite tough but with the right information and care, you can recover from a Whipple procedure with ease. It all depends on your will power as how courageous you are to overcome from a Whipple procedure. In Whipple procedure, there are lots of things involved which need to be removed from the body ranging from part of the pancreas, duodenum, gallbladder and part of the common bile duct. Basically it is a surgical procedure which needs to be done on patients who have different kinds of pancreatic tumors.


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    Medication for pain

    As Whipple procedure is very painful, doctors always recommend patients to take pain reducing medications. After the potential surgery, you need to talk to your doctor or surgeon in detail about the recovery process. You need to discuss questions and all sorts of concerns regarding the recovery process from a Whipple procedure. It is very important that you should talk in detail about your surgeon regarding pain management and how you need to take any action and at what appropriate time. If the doctors have recommended you to take any specific medications on a certain time, you should always take those particular medications on time.

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    Getting out of bed

    Getting out of bed and walking around is a very good idea as it will help you regain confidence. You should also talk to your doctors and physicians about assisting you getting out of bed. If the hospital staff will think that you are alright to get out of the bed and can walk, they will certainly try to help you assisting getting out of the bed. You need to understand that it is certainly a complex procedure and as soon as you walk is good for your overall recovery.

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    Take liquid supplements

    Taking liquid supplements is also a very good idea after a Whipple procedure. It is very important to know that liquid supplements will give you strength and will help you recover quicker.

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    Symptoms of high and low blood sugar

    During the recovery procedure of Whipple, some patients do face high or low blood sugar. However, not many people tend to have these symptoms. You need to talk to your physician in detail as well about the risk of symptoms of high or low blood sugar.

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