How to Deal with Malfunctions During a Speech

Public speaking or speech making requires considerable research and practice. You cannot be a good speaker if you do not have years of experience behind you. You need to have persuasiveness in your speeches and a personality which will force the people into believing you.

However, even with all the practice hours under your belt, there are no guarantees that nothing will go awry. Moreover, there is no denying the fact that even well established speakers feel nervous at times.


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    The first problem that you might encounter before beginning a speech is stage fright; this is the most common problem which is observed among speakers. Those who conquer stage fright become experienced and confident debaters. To control stage fright, relax before going on to the stage. Drink some water and try not to think too much about the speech, however, do not block out everything as you might not be able to remember where to begin from once you reach the podium.

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    The stage stairs are another hassle, many times people trip while coming on the stage. If this happens to you, remain calm and get back on your feet as soon as possible. Do not express nervousness and it wouldn't hurt to give it a humourous touch right before beginning your speech. For example, you can always dread the stairs or joke about your clumsiness which would make your audience laugh.

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    You cannot be perfect and you should know this, so do not worry about the little problems that come your way during the speech. Remember one day you will be the victim of technical malfunctions and the way how you react will define you. The key is to always remain calm and focussed.

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    When your microphone breaks down and you are speaking in front of a vast audience, ask the hosts to get you another microphone. You cannot ignore this problem because the people sitting at the back will not be able to hear you, so instead of continuing to speak it is better to stop.

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    If there is a problem with your presentation slides and the screen goes black without any warning, do not be alarmed as it is the knowledge inside your head which is more important than anything else. You do not need fancy pictures and graphs to show your audience what you are talking about.

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