Best ways to come across more social

Do you feel like the whole world is a lot more social than you are? Would you be surprised if we told you that sometimes that is not the case, its just an illusion the way the persons carries themselves off and the subjects they speak about only makes them seem more socially active than you. Well you are in for a treat with this step by step guide as we take you through the steps to becoming a lot more social active… well if you don’t “become” you certainly will look like it:


  • 1

    The power of social networking on the Internet

    When in your group, you can speak about how you saw something on Facebook or a News website – this will make you seem connected to the social world. For example “One of my friends posted this insane video on Facebook, a woman eating her own poo? How nasty…” the moment you say “friend” “Facebook” you are automatically coming across more socially active.

  • 2

    Don’t take life so seriously

    That’s the common mistake people make, they be so strict with themselves holding there smile in, holding there cheeky side in – you need to just be FREE. Think to yourself “you have nothing to lose” and “life has no boundaries” ... one more “Judge me if you wish it doesn’t make a difference to me” if you repeat these positive words into your head without a doubt you will come across as a very fun and outgoing person – the last thing you want is acting very gloomy this will bring out the boring side of you (which everyone has) what usually works for many people is to play music by an artist they like, usually rises up the mood and relaxes your head.

  • 3

    Play more social

    does he or she think you’re a computer nerd? Well the next time they send you an email by cheeky and write, “Send from my iPhone” or if you have Android you know what to do! This will show you’re on the go and not sat at home doing nothing.

  • 4

    Take advantage of every opportunity

    You need to get in the mood of taking pictures aka “selfies” , videos/pictures of the group – this means every time you’re out, be the one that takes out there phone to take a picture so you can continuously update your social profiles online.

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