How to Finish what youve Started

Starting new projects can be really exciting. Whenever someone comes up with a good idea, he/she is quite enthusiastic about it. At that point, it seems that no one can stop you from reaching your target, as you are destined to meet it.

However, the biggest problem starts once you have no clue of things and struggle to achieve your goals. Starting the project or any other activity does not cause many problems, but the real challenge is to complete a task.

Some of us might not be mentally strong enough to handle the pressure of this situation and could end up leaving it incomplete. This can happen to anyone, as things do get out of control at times.

On most of the occasions, you get support from all friends and family to initiate a project, but when things start getting difficult, everyone leaves you alone to handle them. So should you quite at that point?

You can choose that option, if that doesn’t cost you much, but you are living in a cruel world and people will always criticise you for such actions. You will be tagged as a loser and no one will trust you with any new assignment.

Therefore, the best possible way of avoiding embarrassment is to complete what you have started. It will definitely take some time and energy, but will eventually help you become a better individual, who can handle things will responsibility.


  • 1

    Make a proper plan

    The most important thing is to make a proper plan before starting anything new. Figure out what will be required to achieve your goals. Make a schedule and follow it regularly to give time to the project.

  • 2

    Set personal goals

    Challenge yourself to complete certain goals within a given time. Distribute your project in layers and then decide how much time you need to complete each step. This will help you to stay enthusiastic from the start until the end.

  • 3

    Self motivation

    No one can motivate you better than yourself. If you don’t have self confidence, you will struggle to achieve anything in life. Therefore, it is important to continuously push yourself to the limit.

  • 4

    Seek help from friends

    There are some friends or family members you can trust, so seek their advice. This might give you a new perspective of approaching the things. Although your own idea could be good, the other person may have some better solution.

  • 5

    Try to finish the project before due date

    Always target to complete your task before the due date. Don’t leave too much work for the final days.

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