How to Eat in Front of Women

Eating in front of women can be extremely difficult. They tend to notice everything that you do. Hence, you have to make sure that you are not eating with your mouth open, and are not talking while eating. These small things matter a lot. Girls seem to like guys who take care of their manners and understand that women should be treated with sheer respect. Therefore, always, whenever you are eating in front of women, try to stick to your limits and try to showcase the fact that you know your manners.


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    At first, make sure that you are not eating with your mouth full. Whenever it is hard for you to swallow your food, that’s when you will understand that the amount of food in your mouth is more than what you require.

    Some people may argue that fast foods such as burgers and steaks cannot be eaten without putting a large piece in your mouth, but while eating in front of a woman, you have to adjust yourself in such a way that in the end you are not eating with your mouth absolutely full.

    Chewing is not only hard when your mouth is full, but it also gets embarrassing when a woman is looking at you and you are chewing a huge crump in the mouth.

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    Secondly, do not ever talk with food in your mouth. At times, you might be sitting close to a woman, and if you try to talk, you might end up spitting out some food on her. That is most definitely not the way things should be when you are eating. Therefore, whatever thought you may have, simply save it for later and chew your food first. It will be far more embarrassing if she tells you to chew your food before talking.

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    Lastly, the most common rule for eating food: don’t chew with your mouth open. The woman sitting in front of you does not want to know how you chew your food. In fact, no one ever wants to know how you chew your food. Simply close your lips and try to chew your food with your mouth closed. This way, you will not spill the food out; moreover, you will also be able to enjoy your food in a better way.

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