How to Maintain Eye Contact

Eye contact does not mean looking fixedly into the next person’s eyes without a break, creating an embarrassing situation. Your quick but impressive glance sends a fabulous message than a cold stare that is obviously creepy. Eye contact is basically an influential non-verbal communication tool and an important aspect of day to day interactions within your social circle. On the other hand, some people do not find it easy at all to maintain eye contact – either in giving or getting it. Shyness, social anxiety and some of the some cultural issues are some of the main reasons why people do not feel comfortable in maintaining eye contact.

The given below simple steps will help you to maintain a proper eye contact in order to convey a right message:


  • 1

    Practice makes your eye contact perfect

    Maintain an appropriate eye contact without staring requires a proper practice. The best thing you can do is, simply stand in front of the mirror in your room and try to make an eye contact with yourself. Look into your eyes for few seconds and then look around before it turns into staring. Make sure to blink your eye in a normal mood.

    The second effective method to maintain an eye contact is, simply walk down the street or your nearest market and try to make eye contact with everyone around. Notice the response of people and adjust the duration of your eye contact accordingly.

  • 2

    Make an aim to maintain a nice eye contact

    Step out of your home with an aim to maintain a proper eye contact throughout the day. Keep your nerves normal, have tranquil facial expressions, be confident of yourself and your communication capabilities and get ready for a nice eye contact with others.

  • 3

    Implement the eye contact technique

    It is the time to practically implement the technique to maintain eye contact. Try to make an eye contact the moment you are introduced or come across someone in your social circle. Your eye contact shows your confidence, conveying your expressions and feelings.

  • 4

    Offer a cute smile

    Now bring a brief but cute, relaxed and friendly smile on your face while looking into the next person.

  • 5

    Look into the other parts of the next person’s face

    Just glace at the next person’s eyes and then start looking at the other parts of his or her face. You can simply focus on the area directly above his or her eyes, forehead and brow area. This technique helps you to avoid staring into their eyes of the person next to you.

  • 6

    Do not disturb the flow of conversation

    Make sure to keep the flow of your conversation / dialogue with the next person going while still holding eye contact.

  • 7


    Try to listen to the next person carefully, remaining attentive to what a person is saying. It shows your interest in the next person’s conversation and as a result you will get a comfortable chance to maintain eye contact.

  • 8

    Release the eye contact

    Smoothly release the process of your eye contact with the next person when your conversation with him or her ends up.

  • 9

    Eye contact in an interview

    If you are thinking about maintaining an eye contact in an interview, then you do not have worry at all as it is not difficult at all. Put on formal clothes, maintain right posture, turnoff all other thoughts and answer the questions of the interview panel with a brief but effective eye contact. Make a brief eye contact with the members of interview panel, showing them that you are confident of yourself. On the other hand, if it is a one on one interview, then look into the eyes of the interviewer for few seconds and then divert your eyes’ direction towards the other parts of his or her face. It is the best way to pretend that you are looking into the interviewer.

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