How to Get Someone to Tell a Secret

There can be numerous reasons for trying to get someone to tell his/her secret to you. It can be because your friend or family member asked you to spy on that person, obtain a particular piece of information, or it can be just because you are curious and cannot help yourself. No matter what the reason, there are always simple ways through which you can easily get someone to tell you a secret. Follow some simple techniques to help you get someone to tell you a secret.


  • 1

    Make sure that there is a secret

    You would not be happy with yourself if you just make efforts and waste your time and energy in an attempt to know a secret that does not exist. Therefore, it is important that you should ensure that there actually is a secret. For this, you need to initiate a generic talk with that person on that particular topic and closely observe his/her response. This way you will be able to know if they really have a secret or whether he/she is lying to you about it.

  • 2

    Gain their confidence

    Now you must make efforts to gain the confidence of the person. For this, you should make the person believe that sharing the secret with you will remain a secret and you are a person that they can trust. This is very important otherwise no matter what you do or say, the person will not share the secret with you. Here, you can behave like the person does not have to share the secret with you if they really do not want to.

  • 3

    Show you are not interested

    Now, if the person is trying to tell you the secret, do not show your excitement and control your emotions. It is strongly suggested that you should not show any interest in the secret and pretend like you already know it.

  • 4

    Pretend like you already know

    In such cases, sharing your secret with someone or pretending like you know a secret about the person can really help extract some information. This indirectly poses a minor threat which then forces people to share the secret with the other person.

  • 5

    Exchange secrets

    If you are still unable to get a secret out of someone then making a possible exchange can be used to your advantage. Just tell the person that you have a secret but you will only let them know once they give up their information first.

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