How to Avoid Giving a Bad Speech

Communication is an art and science at the same time. Those who are able to communicate effectively can find success in most fields of life. However, it is not easy to master the art of communicating and takes a lot of time and effort.

Speaking is one of the main forms of communication. Many who are fluent in writing skills may not be as good when it comes to deliver a speech in front of people. It requires a lot of confidence and the ability to interact with others in a way that they remain attentive to the talk that is being delivered to them. It is the forte of most successful people.

There are some basics that one has to get right in order to speak well. There are some mistakes that one makes as well that can ruin an otherwise excellent talk. One must avoid these errors


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    Control Body Movements

    Although having a strong and positive body language is crucial to delivering a good speech, make sure that it does not become a distraction or annoyance for others. For example, if you are constantly moving your leg, either out of habit or nervousness, it will most likely be noted by the audience and it is not likely going to go down well with them. The crowd should not be distracted from the topic of discussion.

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    Take it Easy

    Showing energy is essential and it must be done. However, showing too much energy can leave the crowd in a bit of limbo. You do not want to move too fast in your speech or speak unreasonably loud to keep the crowd’s attention. A bit of haste every now and again may help keep them from sleeping but it should be done sparingly and not as a rule.

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    Eye Contact

    Eye contact is essential. Keep on making eye contact every now and again with the crowd. Try not to look here and there too much or on any notes as it leaves the addresses out of context. Also avoid playing with pens or your tie clip while addressing as these are signs of nervousness, something the crowd will most certainly not like to see.

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    Confident Speech

    Make sure that you are confident when you are speaking. Even if you are not entirely comfortable, do not let it hinder your speech or let it come on your face. Present yourself well and speak clearly. The start is crucial; afterwards, you will be feeling at home.

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