How to Aim a Shotgun With Open Sights

Firearms, including shotguns, comes in several sight ranges from scopes to bridges. The most common and basic sight is the open sight which consist of a notched rear sight with a smaller bead towards the end. Notched rear sight refers to a rear ‘V’ post along with a bar or bead in the front. Few of these firearms don’t even have notched rear sight. You should not fire a shotgun without getting proper training. However, keep in mind that your eyes are referred as rear sight and the metal bead which is fixed towards the end of the barrel is considered the front sight.


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    Fitting of the shotgun

    The first and foremost thing you should check is that the gun is properly fitted to you. In case you are experiencing any problems regarding its fitting or enduring any pain on the cheeks when gun kicks back, you need to pay a visit to a gun shop. Even if you are facing difficulty in pulling the trigger for firing or cocking the hammer, you need to take your gun to a professional in order to correct the fault. Remember that the gun shop will adjust your shotgun according to you. He will either add or remove some of the materials to the stock in order to adjust your shotgun’s fitting.

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    Firing stance

    Now you need to focus on your firing stance. Your knees should be slightly bent and your weight should be balanced. You need to stand place your feet should length apart. Then you need to place the butt of the shotgun on your shoulder and place your hand in a way that it supports the barrel stock. Your lead hand should also exert some force on the gun so it sticks tightly on your shoulder. Coming towards your firing hand, you need to wrap it around the stock in a way it can reach the trigger easily.

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    Look down the barrel

    After setting your firing stance, you need to see down the barrel to the bead of the sight. Remember to look in a way that it aligns with your target. You need to align the bead onto the target. In case your target is above the bead, you will miss it.

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    Practice with both eyes open

    Next you need to practice firing with your both eyes open. By this you will eventually master and shoot perfectly with one eye.

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