How to Guess a Card behind Your Back without Looking

If you play cards, you should know a few simple tricks to make an impression. There are dozens of fascinating cards tricks, but it is not possible to learn all of them until you devote your life to this art.

Guessing a card behind your back without looking is an interesting yet simple trick. This trick may sound very hard to your, but with proper practice, you can easily master this art.

All of you need is a deck of cards and a lot of concentration. The key is to see on others’ face, but keep your mind on the cards. Even a slight miscalculation could destroy the entire game.


  • 1

    First of all, get a deck of cards and shuffle nicely. It is actually not one of the essential steps, but if you are playing this trick in front of others, this will give out a fine impression. And eventually, the audience will feel that you are hiding nothing.

  • 2

    The second move is to flip the first card face up. It is very important, and probably the most important part of this trick. Now take the deck behind your back, making sure that the face of the card is still up.

  • 3

    Now comes the most difficult phase. While your hands are at the back, talk to the spectators that you are shuffling the cards. Instead of shuffling, just flip the last card over deck as you are supposed to. Also make sure that the face of the card is facing opposite of the rest.

  • 4

    Say the name of the card that you flipped earlier. Nobody is going to be impressed at this stage, as you already have seen the card. Ask the spectators to wait for a while.

  • 5

    It is the time to bring the deck in front of you. Make sure the face of last card is towards you, so that only you could see it. You need to memorise the card.

  • 6

    Confuse the audience by putting the deck behind your back another time. While nobody is sees what is going on at the back, at front of deck memorised card should be flipped.

  • 7

    Mention the name of the memorised card, as you bring the deck in front of you. The audience will be impressed to see you guessing the card without even having a look.

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