How to Become Less Narcissistic

Narcissism is not a very healthy trait to have in one’s personality as it makes a person undesirable to talk to and annoying. A narcissist is involved in his own self that others find it hard to live with or love such a person. If you feel or have been told by others that you are a narcissist, start making an effort to make the trait fade, if not totally disappear.


  • 1

    The first step to become less narcissistic is to accept that you are indeed a narcissist. Unless you realise this, there is no way you will admit that you need to change yourself and your attitude.

  • 2

    Understand that the world does not revolve around you and that you are not as important for others as you imagine yourself to be.

  • 3

    Learn to compliment others. Do not just reserve the good words for the people who compliment you. Appreciate the beauty of others. Talking about others will help you to take your mind off yourself.

  • 4

    Start appreciating nature. Understand that you are just one of the many creations of God.

  • 5

    Connect with others through empathy. Understand their emotions and value them. Allow them to share their feelings with you. Show your concern.

  • 6

    Learn to respect the opinions of others. Understand that if they believe something, they probably have a very good reason for that.

  • 7

    Start spending less time staring at yourself in the mirror. The more you stare at yourself, the more absorbed you will become in yourself.

  • 8

    Stop being hypersensitive to insults or imagined insults. Keep your mind relaxed and take a walk when you feel that you are losing control of your emotions.

  • 9

    Start caring about others as much as you care about yourself. Learn to love people and use things, instead of loving things and using people.

  • 10

    Be humble and modest no matter how great your achievements may be. Showing off will only make people dislike and envy you.

  • 11

    Accept that you are not perfect and have plenty of room for improvement. Accepting your imperfections does not mean lowering your self-esteem. You just need to make yourself understand that you are a human, not an angel or god.

  • 12

    Let go of your prejudice. Understand that you are no better than others. It is also important to remember that you are not less than anyone either. Everyone is an equal.

  • 13

    Do not be hesitant to admit your mistake and stop being stubborn.

  • 14

    Learn to look at the world from the perspective of other people as well. Stop believing that only you can see and understand the truth.

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