How to Write a Persuasive Speech for Kids

To write a persuasive speech for kids, you need to understand their psyche. Kids are innocent and they like to understand things in a simple way. If you will deal with them like older people, they may not get your point or may not even bother to pay attention to you. You have to persuade them on anything in their own way.

You can take visual assistance to make your speech more attractive for the kids. Furthermore, you can also use different stories with which the children can relate themselves. To deliver a message through storytelling is one of the most influential ways to persuade the kids. Besides, you can use images of various cartoon characters so as to get the attention of the kids. If you are trying to write a persuasive speech for kids, this post will guide you through it.


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    First of all, you must know what you want to teach the kids. You can write the lessons on a piece of paper. For instance, you want to teach the kids that they should not fight with each other or they should behave with each other in a good manner.

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    After knowing what you want to teach you kids. You have to start making an outline of your speech. You must know that the outline contains the start, middle and end of your speech. During the start, you have to tell the kids about yourself. You should introduce yourself in a way that they may understand you. Use simple words and short sentences. After introducing yourself, you have to make the main part of your message in the middle of your speech. Note important points of your main message which you want to convey to the kids. Finally, you have to note down the core points with which you will end your speech.

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    After making the outline, start describing each point in it. While writing the description, you must know that you are going to address kids. Therefore, you have to use a very simple language.

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    Besides, you should include short stories to make your speech sound good to the kids. You can also add humorous material in your speech to make the kids feel comfortable and happy.

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