How to Deal With Missing Someone

When someone you really love leaves you or passes away, it is really difficult to deal with it. You cannot stop thinking about that person and how badly you want to be with that person again. Continuing to miss someone ends up making you feel depressed all the time. It is therefore best to find ways to keep yourself from thinking about that person as it will only make you miss that person more.


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    Keep yourself busy in daily life so that you do not get time to think about that person. If you are sitting idle, you will find it extremely hard to suppress the thoughts of that person. If you are at home, start doing household chores such as making your bed, rearranging clothes in your closet, doing the dishes. If you are in office, go through the work that you have previously completed.

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    Go out more often with friends or family. Surrounding yourself with other people will keep you from thinking about the person that you are missing. Be sure to enjoy your outings by laughing, sharing some interesting incident, discussing a film that you recently watched or plan on watching, etc.

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    Force the thought of that person out of your mind. Every time it comes back, push it out again. Divert your mind to something else using your will power.

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    Find a hobby and indulge in it. Reading books is an excellent way of taking a break from real life and the thoughts associated with it. Watching films and TV shows is another good option.

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    Buy yourself a gaming console such as PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 and get lots of games for it. Playing video games is an excellent way to keep yourself distracted from things that you do not want to think or worry about something. Be sure not to overdo it too much as you do not want to neglect your responsibilities and duties. Do not forget to rest your eyes by taking frequent breaks. Staring at the screen can make your eyes hurt.

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    If you cannot stop yourself from thinking about that person, focus on the good memories instead of how much you miss them.

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    If a person you are missing is someone who has left you, replace that person with someone else. You are bound to come across someone just as interesting, just as lovable, just as funny, just as smart and just as desirable as the person that left you.

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    If the person you are missing is dead, do not mourn that person’s death as it will only increase the pain and make you miss that person more. Instead, think of all the good times that you two spent together. Also pray to God to make that person’s afterlife comfortable.

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