How to Make a Presentation Memorable

No matter if you are giving a final report, submitting a proposal or conducting a training seminar, you always find yourself in a typical situation and that is to face the audience. Everyone wants to make his/her point with the help of a brief, effective and successful presentation.

Though, it is not an easy task to convey your message and then compel your audience to memorise but couple of simple techniques can make it possible. By changing your presentation style, you can avoid lulling your audience to sleep and deliver a memorable presentation.


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    Be yourself:

    Do not try to do experiments with your appearance. Just be a regular guy, wear normal clothes that you think are comfortable. All you need to look fresh, neat and clean on the stage so just be yourself and let others see what you have to offer.

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    Be confident:

    Self-confidence is very important to deliver a memorable presentation. You should realise that you deserve to land on the podium. You have been invited to address the audience just because you have command over that craft.
    Do not panic if anything goes wrong rather make your audience laugh by passing a light comment.

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    Use your stage wisely:

    You must be aware of your surroundings. It is better to arrive early in the presentation room and check everything properly. You may have a look at the stage from the seats as it will help you to decide your place on the stage.

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    Don’t rely only on power point:

    You should use power point slides just to present the major points. Do not write all of your content in these slides rather convey your message verbally. This will keep your audience alert.

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    Eye contact:

    Maintain an eye contact with your audience. Do not keep on reading from the paper or slide as it will turn your presentation into a boring lecture. However, do not hold that contact for much long as it can also distract you. Look everywhere around you.

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    Don’t be too formal:

    Avoid using formal language rather it is better to choose your words/phrases from daily life as it makes possible for the audience to easily understand. Avoid word whiskers like “you know”, “you see”, “umm” etc.

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    Avoid being robotic:

    You should deliver your presentation like a nice chit chat. Engage your listeners with the help of counter questions, personal observations and funny comments. However, do not be too funny as it can damage your cause.

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    Do not drag your presentation rather try to conclude as early as possible after covering all the aspects.

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